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Our Rooms

The age and developmental stage of your child will determine which room that they enrol in. We tailor our program to suit your child's individual learning journey.



0 - 2 yrs

Our nursery is a beautiful environment where highly experienced educators deliver a great quality program of care and education. We work closely with our families to ensure individual routines are followed. A quiet space created around love and nurturing relationships.



2 - 3 yrs.

Such a wonderful age of awe and wonder. Our toddlers are great researchers, exploring their environment, constantly on the go. A place where we make friends and learn how to take turns in a fun way. Our toddlers love to giggle, sing and dance.


3 - 4 yrs

The building of great friendships happens in our Pre-Kindy room. Our love of the dramatic is role modelled in our home corner. We are really starting to have fun learning some self-help skills, especially serving ourselves at mealtimes.



4 - 5 yrs

We are the big guys and are excited to get ready for our next adventures at school. We learn independence skills in our school readiness program. STEM is a large part of our curriculum as we research, and together with our literacy and numeracy work, we really are getting ready for our next big steps in the world.

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